About us

Our Vision: To enable children and youth who have dropped out of society, or who are at high risk of dropping out, to reintegrate into society, gain acceptance, and become useful, law-abiding citizens.

Our Aim: To rehabilitate deviant youth from the fringe of society, by helping them to complete their school studies, overcome their difficulties, develop vocational skills, and reintegrate successfully into society as productive citizens.

Our Target Groups: Children and youth who have developed antisocial behaviors and are about to, or have already, dropped out of school, including young offenders. They are from the bottom socioeconomic end of society and are referred to the Lachan frameworks by the courts, the welfare or educational authorities.

Our History: The organization was founded in 2001 by Yoni Riskin and Avichai Yosef, under the name Tiferet Banim Efrat, to run a club for religious drop-out youth in Efrat. In 2009, it won a Welfare Ministry tender to run a youth village for religious youth at risk in Efrat. In 2011, the organization began to counsel the staff of Olamot, a framework for high risk ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) girls, referred by the Welfare Services. Also in 2011, also, our organization won two Welfare Ministry tenders and opened two 24/7 youth villages, with the aim of rehabilitating  adolescent boys at risk of all ethnic and religious backgrounds, referred by the juvenile courts and welfare services. One, Lachan Zeitan, for 24 boys aged 14-20, has an in-house technical school; the other, Lachan Tal Menashe, for 24 younger boys, aged 12-16, also has an educational framework on site. In 2013, another organization that also aimed to rehabilitate youth at risk, Wing of Love (Hebrew: Kanaf shel Ahavah), came under our management. In 2015, the new director of the organization changed the organization’s name to “Lachan,” because it was no longer working in Efrat and was now catering from children and youth of any ethnic or religious background.

Lachan won another Welfare Ministry tender, in 2015, to run a therapeutic and education program after-school, from 1-6 pm, five days per week, for 24 deviant primary school children, 6-12 years old – both boys and girls – at the Nativ school for special education in Herzlya. These emotionally neglected children with behavioural problems are still living at home, but are currently at risk of dropping out of school.

All the Lachan frameworks run under the supervision of the Welfare and Education ministries.

Why Lachan? We chose the name Lachan, meaning “melody” in English, as we tune into the melody in each child’s heart, composed from past ups and downs, and prepare each one to face the future as a productive, law-abiding citizen.

Our Work Method in all our Frameworks: Using a very high staff-student ration, our programs combine remedial education, therapy, social and, for the older boys, also vocational activities.